Bali Marine Ecology Learning Journey

ETA is really excited!

This month our first student group to Bali will take actions for marine environmental protection. Together with LINI and Sea Communities, two Indonesian non-profits working to develop community-based marine conservation and sustainable fisheries, this learning journey allows students to actively take part in coral reef restorations and sustainable fisheries. Students will assist LINI’s work with marginalized coastal communities to reverse the degradation of coral reefs and raise awareness about responsible and sustainable marine resource use.


CALL TO ACTION – Student groups are needed to help fund and build 10mx10m coral reef restoration structures. The artificial substrates serve as hard surface that corals will naturally settle and grow. Additional transplanted corals are attached to each of the substrates in order to further accelerate the overall regrowth of coral cover. These immediately become refuges for large numbers of fish and other sea creatures.


Through investigation of the root causes of coral degradation, students can prepare and implement actions that affect both local and global issues. Students will reflect on their actions so that after return to their school they can continue to demonstrate how the journey enriched their learning.


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Educational Travel Asia: 2016 in Review

Good health is a necessity for both personal and community development. Unfortunately, many marginalized communities are in serious lack of proper health care. Since 2007, ETA has been working with Seattle Colleges on a program that brings doctors, healthcare professionals and medical students from the US and Vietnam together to provide free health consultation and medical supplies. Our most successful project has been for people in remote mountainous areas of Mai Chau, Vietnam where ETA run an annual trip to make quality medical services accessible to the locals.

11895177_131965203815076_8232519193248231857_oTemporary Clinic Set-up

The 1-week long medical trek  usually consists of visits to 2 villages where we set up temporary clinics just like at a real hospital with triage tables to define symptoms, doctor tables for diagnosis then prescription, and a pharmacy to provide medicines. In between comes a day when the whole group will need to trek from one village to another. The team serves approximately 200 villagers a day. Living far from the town center with low income has made it extremely difficult for local villagers to make their health a priority through regular check-ups. The medical trek has helped raise awareness about the importance of health checks and brought opportunities of quality health care to the locals. Before this initiative, many had never seen a doctor before.

11896057_131993610478902_6956982217060738280_oOn the way trekking to village

11896383_131972643814332_8025669033393028735_oTriage Table with US medical student and Vietnamese volunteer


ETA also runs community health programs in other Southeast Asia destinations, including Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. In these destinations we take university nursing, midwife and medical students to learn about health care through unique hands-on experiences and cultural perspectives. We help reach out to people in need, meet with doctors and professionals and expose students to unique learning journeys in the communities.

11942131_132002977144632_8839789913340354024_oHealth education for kids at a local primary school

Our participants have told us that the program was eye-opening to how their career could make real impact and made them appreciate the things they were privileged to have at home. And that is what ETA has always been proud of:  bring a WIN to everyone.


11908596_131975420480721_6232015781142590977_oDoctors with lovely local people

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Siem Reap Empower Action Workshop

The Empower Action Team in Asia are putting on their third workshop for educators, this time in magical Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The three day experiential learning workshop is designed to upgrade your knowledge and skills in facilitating service projects and social enterprise among your students. Over the three day workshop we will take you through a series of tools, simulations and hands-on activities you can use with your students covering topics such as:
• The UN SDGs
• The 4 stages of service learning
• Project management tools (needs analysis, planning, implementation, evaluation, funding)
• Curricular connections
• Social enterprises
This is a great chance to connect with and learn from service minded educators in an authentic experiential setting.
For the first half of the workshop you will homestay in the rural Cambodian village of Chansar and conduct a needs analysis linked to the UN SDGs.
For the second half of the workshop, switch to Siem Reap to explore social enterprises both as a possible solution to development issues and as a skill builder among your students.
February 17th-19th 2017
From $400 ($450 if single accommodation is required in Siem Reap). This includes accommodation for 3 nights and all meals in that period as well as the workshop itself.