Buffalo Educational Travel

Our vision is to partner with schools, universities and specialty agents to create sustainable projects across Asia that alleviate poverty, preserve local cultures and protect environments.

Since 2007, Buffalo Educational Travel (BET) has developed and overseen projects within targeted, at-risk communities in four Asian countries – Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Backed by our dedicated team of educators and development travel experts, along with over 20 years of reputable service, we confidently ensure our educational trips have an unforgettable and meaningful experience.


Educational Travel is a dedicated ‘profit for purpose’ team mandated to create sustainable projects across Asia that serve our communities to alleviate poverty, preserve local cultures and protect environments. Educational Travel team is passionate about our mission and accomplishes this by providing excellence in responsible, educational travel services for schools, universities and charity challenges.

This empowers our purpose to serve our communities with: project management for community development; job creation in remote rural areas; local entrepreneurship development; community micro-credit funds and community health promotion.

Buffalo Educational Travel Asia – Compliance Document




Your education adventure may take you to some of the poorest regions of Asia. It is our responsibility to provide exceptional educational travel options that alleviate poverty, respect indigenous culture and protect local environments. In this way we create a win for you, a win for your group and a win for your host community.

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Transparency is the foundation of trust and successful win-win-win. We are committed to transparency in all dealings with partner communities, organisations and clients to create trust and success. In this way, we ensure 100% of client donations go directly to the project. There are no management or administrative fees taken from client donations.



Inspiration can change our world. We believe our job is to help you see the world through the eyes of another. That’s why we offer an innovative range of community-based experiences and development projects that place you in uniquely experiential situations.


Our team of educators, development specialists and travel experts in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are dedicated to creating unforgettable, beneficial, and meaningful excursions for you and your organisation.

Many of our team have been born and raised in the communities we serve, while others have found their way here later in life, but we are all deeply connected through a sense of place and sense of purpose. It is this connection that we would like to share with you.

Buffalo Tours

Buffalo Tours is a leading inbound tour operator and destination management company in Asia operating in 11 destinations throughout Asia and with sales offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Russia.

Buffalo Tours was launched in 1994 by President and Founder Tran Trong Kien – a young medical student from Hanoi. Kien guided travellers throughout Vietnam to help fund his studies, and show off the country he loved.

Today, Buffalo Tours is one of Asia’s leading destination management companies with hundreds of thousands of travellers carried annually and several industry awards won. That same drive to showcase our region is at the heart of everything that we do at Buffalo Tours today.

Responsible Travel & Community Development Reports

Since our modest beginnings in 1994, the Buffalo Tours team and Educational Travel hold responsible travel and community development as a core commitment. As we have grown, so too has the commitment to work responsibly with our customers, host communities and local business partners.

Read our annual reports here: