Lanna Educational Adventures: Om Goi Project

Om Goi project


Located in the beautiful northern highlands of Thailand, this illuminating yet challenging journey gets travellers up-close and personal with traditional Thai ethnic minority life. Meet and work alongside the locals in a remote village just beyond Om Goi Town, and learn such local skills like cooking, basket weaving and even bamboo-bicycle making! Spend each day giving back on a community project and local Maeramit Luang School – highlighted with special opportunities to connect with locals during nightly homestays in the village.

Main subjects focus

  • International Baccalaureate CAS
  • Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Related Subjects

  • Geography
  • Development Economics
  • Cultural Studies
  • History
  • Outdoor Education
health community

Student Outcomes

  • Help fight poverty through development
  • Help build responsible tourism projects
  • Discover local traditions and cultures
  • See the world through the eyes of another
  • Live, learn and laugh with local communities

Duke of Edinburgh International Award



ETA is proud to deliver the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, the Adventurous Journey section. We encourage a sense of adventure and discovery whilst undertaking a team journey or expedition to truly unique destinations. As part of a small team, participants plan, train for and undertake a journey with a purpose in an unfamiliar environment.

ETA provides participants with the opportunity to learn more about the wider environment, as well as to develop their self-confidence, team work and health. Participants are taken out of their comfort zone but kept within a safe and secure setting, achieved through suitable training and supervision.

Award Requirements

Bronze– two days and one night; average of six hours of purposeful effort per day; minimum 12 hours of purposeful effort in total.

Silver– three days and two nights; average of seven hours of purposeful effort per day; minimum 21 hours of purposeful effort in total.

Gold– four days and three nights; average of eight hours of purposeful effort per day; minimum 32 hours of purposeful effort in total.

health community
rice field health community

Award Framework

ETA works with schools to assist students achieve the Award’s three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

At each level ETA assists schools with service, skills, and adventurous journeys.

ETA’s five community-development projects in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia are ideal destinations for students to conduct community service, learn new skills take part in adventurous journeys while home-staying in rural village communities.

Community Health Education

health community


Global health care matters. Good health is a pre-requisite for community development and alleviation of poverty.  In our world of growing inequality, it is becoming even more imperative that students in health fields have both professional and cultural competencies. In this way we can address global issues such as access to quality health care. Our Community Health Education learning journeys take university nursing, midwife and medicine students into hands-on, faculty led experiences.


  • Explore Cambodia, Laos, Thailand or Vietnam in a truly unique and educational way
  • Learn about health in development through community, gender and cultural perspectives
  • Develop professional skills and experiences
  • Live and learn in a rural community
health community
rice field health community

Student Outcomes

  • Students are exposed to practical concepts and ethical issues relevant to global health delivery
  • Students have opportunity to integrate health care knowledge, demonstrate competency in providing care, and exercise sound clinical and ethical decision-making as novice health professionals
  • Students explore appropriate and viable strategies for practically managing primary health care issues in international setting
  • Students critically analyse social and economic determinants of health affecting individual clients and communities

Subject Focus

  • Community health ethics
  • Resource constraints
  • Health care in marginalized communities
  • Critical thinking in Global Health Care

Related Fields

  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Medical

Thailand Lao Learning Journey



Discover the arresting natural beauty and vibrant cultures of Thailand and Laos on this educational adventure from the metropolis of modern Bangkok to the mighty Mekong River Delta in the heart of rural Indochina. Along the way, meet locals and learn about their cultures, livelihoods and the challenges they face. Gain valuable insight into the community development projects which seek to transform and enrich local lives and take part in them yourself!

Subject Focus

  • Gain real life understanding of key economic principles
  • Consider the ethical dimensions involved in development policies by reflecting on human end-goals and desires
  • Develop an international perspective on global issues and raise students’ awareness of their own responsibilities
  • Develop values and attitudes that will enable students to achieve a degree of personal commitment, as citizens of an increasingly interdependent world, in trying to resolve global issues.
  • Examine key global issues, such as poverty and sustainability to develop an understanding of sociological issues and a concern for human welfare and the quality of the environment.


  • Tour the highlights of Bangkok
  • Learn about how you can help get kids off the streets of Bangkok
  • Experience the Golden Triangle and how opium destroyed the regions development
  • Travel the Mekong River, the water highway of Laos
  • Luang Prabang Night Market
  • Be an upland farmer for the day
  • Bamboo rafting
  • Cook a Lao dish
  • Get up close and personal with an elephant
  • Swim in one of South east Asia’s most beautiful waterfalls

Student Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast HDI ranking High and Medium
  • Identify factors that contribute to successful development and those that do not
  • Descrive how development can be influenced by culture and environment
  • Explain importance of riverways to economic and human development
  • Evaluate impacts of a community development project
LaosXieng Khouang  plateau