In Vietnam’s southernmost region, the Mekong Delta, home factories and local trade sustain life and communities here. On this in-depth, project-based learning experience in southern Vietnam, travellers get a unique and hands-on look at how locals here live – while contributing to an important community project. The journey promises plenty of laughs and experiences alongside the locals, plus a unique glimpse at life in Vietnam’s “rice bowl” with unique experiences in the rural communities that call it home.

Main Subject Focus

  • International Baccalaureate CAS
  • Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Related Subjects

  • Geography
  • Development Economics
  • Cultural Studies
  • History
  • Outdoor Education
Vinh Long - Mekong

Student Outcomes

  • Help fight poverty through development.
  • Help build responsible tourism projects.
  • Discover local traditions and cultures.
  • See the world through the eyes of another.
  • Live, learn and laugh with local communities.