Most Singaporeans will tell you that not so long ago, Singapore could hardly be considered a big city; but you’d be forgiven for doubting such a claim at first glance. As one of the wealthiest nations on earth, first time visitors to Singapore are often surprised by the scale and grandeur of the island nation’s development. Development though comes with a cost to the environment.

Explore how Singapore has tackled the dilemmas of sustainability to achieve balance between economic growth and sustaining a livable environment. Students get to explore, investigate, assess, and reflect on Singapore’s development. Ultimately students will demonstrate how their experiences affect their own choices through actions taken at the school and home.

Program Highlights

Singapore National Water Agency

Learn about stable, sustainable water supply that is weather resilient, capable of catering to the country’s continued growth.

Nation Environment Agency

Understand solid waste management in Singapore, the design & operation of Semakau Landfill, as well as a tour of the landfill

Singapore Power

Explore energy efficiency in their homes through a home electricity audit assignment and test.

Pulau Ubin Nature Reserve

Home to Singapore’s last villages or kampongs, the island still retains the rustic beauty and simplicity of a bygone era.

and more…

Singapore has a wealth of museums, galleries and attractions to complement any educational exploration.