Nitin Nohria, Dean of Harvard Business School, argues business leaders need to demonstrate moral humility. The next generation must focus on the social consequences of their actions and accept responsibility.

Our Business for Development ½ day workshops at Crossroads Hong Kong take your students into the heart of socially responsible enterprises to explore business adaptability within complex cultural contexts, to build confidence, creativity and collaboration while tackling some of our world’s most pressing issues.

Program Highlights

  • Meet, workshop and learn from David Begbie, named as one of 100 change-makers across Asia (together with such leaders as Ashok Khosla, Dr. Muhammad Yunus and Malala Yousafzai).
  • Do not hear a talk or watch a movie about global issues. ‘X-perience’ them, through simulations that allow companies explore ways their core strengths can be aligned with the relevant global concerns.
  • Learn how corporate partners such as AIG Finance(HK) Ltd., DHL International (Hong Kong) Ltd, IBM China/Hong Kong Ltd., Hewlett Packard (HK), Merril Lynch (Asia Pacific) Ltd., Microsoft and UPS Parcel Delivery Service Ltd. create sustainable impacts on the lives of thousands
  • Explore and discover your leadership potential to impact community development and address important global issues
  • Live and learn in a unique Hong Kong setting
hong kong backstreets

Main Workshop Focus

  • Mentor with a leading social entrepreneur
  • Grow your global intelligence
  • Create a new service perspective
  • Develop awareness of your international leadership potential