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Global health care matters. Good health is a pre-requisite for community development and alleviation of poverty.  In our world of growing inequality, it is becoming even more imperative that students in health fields have both professional and cultural competencies. In this way we can address global issues such as access to quality health care. Our Community Health Education learning journeys take university nursing, midwife and medicine students into hands-on, faculty led experiences.


  • Explore Cambodia, Laos, Thailand or Vietnam in a truly unique and educational way
  • Learn about health in development through community, gender and cultural perspectives
  • Develop professional skills and experiences
  • Live and learn in a rural community
health community
rice field health community

Student Outcomes

  • Students are exposed to practical concepts and ethical issues relevant to global health delivery
  • Students have opportunity to integrate health care knowledge, demonstrate competency in providing care, and exercise sound clinical and ethical decision-making as novice health professionals
  • Students explore appropriate and viable strategies for practically managing primary health care issues in international setting
  • Students critically analyse social and economic determinants of health affecting individual clients and communities

Subject Focus

  • Community health ethics
  • Resource constraints
  • Health care in marginalized communities
  • Critical thinking in Global Health Care

Related Fields

  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Medical