china forbidden city


Learn Chinese calligraphy, converse with a local Cricket Master and meet with local children to grasp how intricately interwoven China’s past is with its present and how the unique relationship that Chinese have with their heritage continues to shape the country’s future.

Through this historical lens, discover some of China’s most iconic destinations –The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and more, in journey that will place China’s into a tangible and relatable context that will make you see it in a whole new light.


  • Tour the highlights including Forbidden City, the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors
  • Learn about how China’s past created its present and shapes the future
  • Try your hand at calligraphy
  • Experience China’s history in a very personal way by meeting locals and visiting homes
  • Visit world class museums to really understand the country’s past
  • Visit local schools to exchange, laugh and learn together
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Student Outcomes

  • Understand the collapse of imperial power in the C19th and how it led to civil war
  • Identify factors leading to communist victory in Chinese civil war
  • Describe impacts and interventions of foreign interventions
  • Explain importance of land reform, emancipation of women and education improvements
  • Evaluate the impacts of Nixon’s visit in 1972

Subject Focus

  • Explore why China became a Communist state in 1949.
  • Consider the social changes that have taken place within recent history with specific attention to the role of women, health, education and traditional culture.
  • Develop an international perspective on the impact of China’s relationship with other countries, especially in the lead up to its becoming a leading superpower.
  • Develop values and attitudes that will enable students to achieve a degree of personal commitment, as citizens of an increasingly interdependent world, in trying to resolve global issues.
china buffalo tour