ETA is really excited!

This month our first student group to Bali will take actions for marine environmental protection. Together with LINI and Sea Communities, two Indonesian non-profits working to develop community-based marine conservation and sustainable fisheries, this learning journey allows students to actively take part in coral reef restorations and sustainable fisheries. Students will assist LINI’s work with marginalized coastal communities to reverse the degradation of coral reefs and raise awareness about responsible and sustainable marine resource use.


CALL TO ACTION – Student groups are needed to help fund and build 10mx10m coral reef restoration structures. The artificial substrates serve as hard surface that corals will naturally settle and grow. Additional transplanted corals are attached to each of the substrates in order to further accelerate the overall regrowth of coral cover. These immediately become refuges for large numbers of fish and other sea creatures.


Through investigation of the root causes of coral degradation, students can prepare and implement actions that affect both local and global issues. Students will reflect on their actions so that after return to their school they can continue to demonstrate how the journey enriched their learning.


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